DeFi hunters dao

DAO Commisions
DeFi Hunters DAO takes a commission of 10% in dollars and 10% in project tokens for projects provision and allocations.
  • 50% goes into the vault to further buy and burn $DDAO token from the market
  • 30% is distributed to the team
  • 20% to the ambassadors who benefits the DAO

DeFi Hunters DAO Fund's goal is to invest in projects in the early stage (seed, private, etc.). The allocation amount depends on the direct agreement with a company and can range from $100.000 to $1.000.000.

When DAO Fund gets allocation, investors can choose the project to invest in. The percentage and opportunities are available based on the categories:

  • Whales - 50% allocation (max. $20,000 per person)
  • Sharks - 30% allocation (max. $3,000 per person)
  • LOBSTERS - 20% allocation (max. $1000 per person)

To access LOBSTERS CHANNEL 3000 $DDAO is required, Shark - 12000 $DDAO Whale - 30000 $DDAO.


Without exception, everyone can participate in sales. If there are more participants than allocations available, the number of allocations is distributed in proportion to the percentage of the investment, and the remaining amount can be claimed back.